Hol-Mac Increasing Footprint in Bay Springs, Creating 31 jobs

Jackson, Miss. (TBA, 2022) – Hol-Mac Corporation, a Mississippi-based company, is expanding operations in Bay Springs. The $1 million corporate investment will create 31 jobs and create a base for continued growth for the company in Jasper County.

Hol-Mac’s expansion, the company’s fifth in Bay Springs, is for its Hammerhead Off-Road Armor line to keep up with consumer demand. The Hammerhead Off-Road Armor line began in 2008 by employees of Hol-Mac to provide the highest quality aftermarket bumpers for off-road and outdoor enthusiasts. The line created a niche market that continues to see exponential growth. The company is expanding into the neighboring shell building on the site to meet the present and future consumer demands of the market.

The Mississippi Development Authority is providing assistance to help with preparation of a parking lot and site expansion. The company also qualifies for the Advantage Jobs Rebate program, which provides a cash rebate to eligible businesses that create new jobs that meet or exceed the average annual wage of the state or the county in which the company locates or expands. The Jasper County, the city of Bay Springs and Cooperative Energy are also assisting with the project.

Hol-Mac Corporation, in addition to the Hammerhead Off-Road Armor line, is a manufacturer of Pac-Mac Refuse, septic and oil field equipment and hydraulic cylinders. The company now has six facilities in Bay Springs, one facility in Winona and one facility in Gulfport.

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