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More than 2,000 business community leaders and STAR Students attend the MEC Annual Meeting each year at the Jackson Convention Complex.


Over 1,500 leaders from across the state fill the Mississippi Coliseum for MEC's Hobnob Mississippi event each year to network with statewide elected officials.


Over 1,000 business and community leaders state officials and legislators for MEC's Capital Day.

MEC's Legislative Scrambler

MEC's Legislative Scramblers bring business and community leaders up close to legislators as they discuss policy issues during the legislative session. Scramblers are a great way to have a voice at the Capitol without ever leaving your desk.

MEC Tour 2017 2018 Logo

The MEC Tour visits communities around Mississippi, helping connect business leaders, community advocates, and elected officials at both the state and local level, getting input and insight into how we can make our state a great place to live and grow!



2/06202020 MEC Tour Meridian

2/07202020 MEC Tour Hattiesburg

2/13202020 MEC Tour West Point

2/14202020 MEC Tour Tupelo

2/18202020 MEC Tour Indianola

2/19202020 MEC Tour Cleveland

2/25202020 MEC Tour Natchez

2/27202020 MEC Tour Ridgeland


3/03202020 MEC Tour Columbus

3/04202020 MEC Tour Flowood

3/05202020 MEC Tour Laurel

3/11202020 MEC Tour Bay St. Louis

3/16202020 MEC Tour Grenada

3/18202020 MEC Tour Vicksburg

3/19202020 MEC Tour Gulfport

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