Standvast Fulfillment Creating 360 Jobs in Southaven

E-commerce fulfillment and supply chain technology company Standvast Fulfillment is locating operations in Southaven. The project is a $4.425 million corporate investment and will create 360 jobs.

Standvast augments or replaces pieces or the whole of e/omni-commerce retailers’ or brands’ existing solutions with an innovative fulfillment services network and technology solution that is powered by industry-leading experts who focus on the end-customers’ experience.

The company’s integrated supply chain technology, combined with its network of strategically located fulfillment centers and shipping partners, offers businesses reliability and a broader range of services. Standvast acts as an extension of businesses, using innovative technology and fulfillment services backed by industry-leading e-commerce supply chain experts to deliver best-in-class fulfillment and supply chain solutions for their customers. Standvast also has a healthcare solution for hospital providers that takes the best practices and technology from e-commerce supply chains to transform the flow or clinical supplies, simplifying the supply chain through its patent-pending solution, greatly improving the efficiency and effectiveness for clinicians, healthcare providers and their patients.

The Mississippi Development Authority has certified Standvast for the Advantage Jobs Rebate Program, which is designated for eligible businesses that create new jobs exceeding the average annual wage of the state or county in which the company locates or expands. The city of Southaven and DeSoto County also are assisting with the project.

Standvast will lease space in Building 2 of Southaven Park 55. The company plans to begin hiring immediately.

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