Cadence Bank Reveals Its New Logo

Cadence Bank recently announced a key component of its new brand identity: its new logo. The new logo celebrates the combination of legacy BancorpSouth Bank and legacy Cadence Bank, N.A., which completed their merger in October 2021—becoming the new Cadence Bank, and indicates the company's continued commitment to seeing its customers and communities prosper. It is the first of several elements to be announced as part of the company's long-term brand strategy and identity.

"Both of our legacy companies - Cadence Bank and BancorpSouth - have rich histories of serving our customers and communities. Our new logo will build upon our respective legacies and carry us forward on our growth path," said Dan Rollins, chairman, and CEO of Cadence Bank. "We're confident this new logo, as well as the other elements of our brand identity, celebrates our pasts, conveys who we are today and moves us into the future as a combined company."

As part of its logo reveal, Cadence Bank rang the bell at the New York Stock Exchange.

About the logo design

The logo's design visually combines the Cadence name with a modernized interpretation of a tree, which is a nod to legacy BancorpSouth's tupelo gum tree logo from the bank's origin in Tupelo, Mississippi. The two sets of identical shapes, representing branches and leaves, demonstrate how the two legacy organizations have aligned and will work together in harmony with each other and our customers, finding the perfect balance of solutions for the customers and communities we serve. The upward motion of the design reflects the positive outcomes the company strives to provide to all of its stakeholders.

The company's two primary brand colors, a rich teal and a bright green, reflect the combined color of the two legacy brands (BancorpSouth's green and Cadence's blue) creating a differentiated and modern expression in the market. The Cadence name and "Bank" descriptor are set in Accord Alternate, which is a highly legible, accessible, and distinctive font.

"Our company's new visual identity illustrates the union of our two strong brands. The more we work together, the more we see our teammates' shared focus on our customers and communities," said Paul Murphy, executive vice chairman of Cadence Bank. "This is a significant milestone for the new Cadence
and a key element of our brand story."

Legacy BancorpSouth Bank and legacy Cadence Bank will continue to operate under their respective brands until system integration, which is expected to occur in October 2022. For now, customers should continue using their respective BancorpSouth or Cadence branches, checks, bank cards, online and mobile banking, and other banking services as they usually do. Visit Cadence's brand microsite for additional information about the new logo. To develop its new identity, Cadence collaborated with Tenet Partners (, a New York-headquartered brand and innovation firm.

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