State Workforce Investment Board Announces Ryan Miller as Executive Director of the Office of Workforce Development

The State Workforce Investment Board (SWIB) Executive Committee has announced the selection of Ryan Miller as Mississippi’s first Executive Director of the Office of Workforce Development. The Office will lead workforce development strategy and implementation for the state.

“We are excited Ryan has agreed to take on this critical task and are looking forward to the significant work ahead,” said Patrick Sullivan, Chairman of the State Workforce Investment Board. “There is probably no other public policy issue that will have a greater economic impact for more Mississippians than an effective workforce development system with all parts working together towards a common mission. The State’s goal in creating this office and now in hiring Ryan to lead it is to do just, put strategies in place that will more quickly move the economic needle for Mississippi’s communities and households.”

“I am pleased to welcome Ryan to the Office of Workforce Development and to the enormous responsibility of overseeing Mississippi’s workforce growth strategy,” said Governor Reeves. “Our collective goal is to direct more Mississippians into higher-paying opportunities and train more people to meet the demands of businesses in the 21st century. For the first time, Mississippi will have an Office to oversee the many facets of workforce and a highly capable executive in Ryan to lead it.

Ryan Miller has spent 13 years building the Center for Manufacturing Excellence (CME) and preparing students for successful careers in Mississippi’s advanced industries. In his years of service at the University, Ryan worked with the state community college system, state and federal legislative delegations, and economic development agencies as he positioned the CME to increase its service to industry and students. He has traveled extensively, representing the CME as a resource for positive growth in the state. Ryan is 42 years old and married to Erin (Findley) Miller with 3 children – Shirley Cate (10), Grace (8) and Max (6).

“I am honored and thrilled to be offered this opportunity. I love my home state and will endeavor to represent her with integrity, passion, and a drive to see the lives of Mississippians positively impacted by what we do. Make no mistake, we will be innovative and committed to see industry thrive, our citizens grow in prosperity, and more industry make Mississippi their home,” said Ryan Miller.

The State Workforce Investment Board is scheduled to confirm Ryan as the Executive Director on March 31, and Ryan is expected to start full-time in mid-April.

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