Canadian Pacific and Kansas City Southern Agree to Combine to Create the First U.S.-Mexico-Canada Rail Network

Canadian Pacific (CP) and Kansas City Southern (KCS) — leaders in transportation services and supply chain expertise — recently announced plans to combine to create the first U.S.-Mexico-Canada rail network that would drive competition and economic productivity and create jobs across North America. Together, CP and KCS would have the ability to deliver unsurpassed levels of safety, competitive service, and efficiency to America’s shippers and to support continued economic growth in communities across the United States.

A Partnership that Will Drive Competition and Economic Productivity by:

  • Providing Real Benefits for Shippers: A CP-KCS combination would form a leading North American railroad that would deliver better service to customers and communities. It would create a railroad that reaches every coast of North America, and connects the U.S., Mexico, and Canada.
  • Increasing Competition: KCS and CP operate complementary networks that are a natural fit, delivering unprecedented reach without overlap. Shippers will have more options for getting their products to market, increasing competition amongst Class 1 railroads to serve customers. Additionally, the combined railroad would remain the smallest of six Class 1 railroads by revenue.
  • Improving Service and Efficiency: This combination brings together two precision scheduled railroads (PSR), whose track records will help ensure a smooth, safe and efficient integration. No shipper – large or small – will be left behind and all shippers would benefit from the increased efficiency and simplicity of the combined network. The combination will also connect premier ports on the U.S. Gulf, Atlantic and Pacific coasts with key overseas markets.
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