MEC Statement on the Passage of HB 1

The Mississippi Legislature took a historic step in moving Mississippi forward with the passage of HB 1, officially adopting the “In God We Trust” State Flag.

During the 2020 Legislative session, Mississippi Lawmakers overwhelmingly voted to retire the former state flag. Last November, 72% of Mississippi voters approved the flag, which was chosen by a commission established by the Mississippi Legislature.

MEC appreciates the efforts of the Commission to Redesign the Mississippi Flag and members of the Mississippi Legislature in this endeavor. The process of selecting the “In God We Trust Flag” has sparked an unprecedented level of interest and inclusivity from citizens around the state. This new symbol has put Mississippi in a positive light throughout the nation and around the world.

This positive image will benefit our state as we work to recruit more and better jobs, increase expansions, and grow entrepreneurship while rebuffing negative stereotypes. Our goal is to retain and attract the best and brightest workers, and we can do so with pride as the new Mississippi flag flies high.

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