2023 Leadership Mississippi Post Opening Session Survey

2023 Leadership Mississippi Post Opening Session Survey

Prior to Session

Was the program’s purpose clear from the pre-session communication you received?
Is there anything else that would’ve been helpful to know before the session began?
Were the instructions for each activity communicated clearly?


Did the first session of Leadership Mississippi meet your expectations?
How would you rate the overall quality of the session?
Was the program agenda interactive and engaging?
Did you get a chance to collaborate with other class participants during this session?
Does programming conform to your career development track?
Do you think Leadership Mississippi staff was receptive to your needs?
Do you think the Leadership Mississippi staff was helpful through the orientation process?


Did each presentation improve your understanding of the topic?
Did you find the presenter(s) knowledgeable about the content?
Were answers throughout the session answered clearly?
Do you still have questions about anything addressed in the session? If so, please list in comments.
Was this your first time attending a MEC Annual?
How would you rate MEC’s Annual Meeting?


Were you satisfied with the reservation process for your stay?
How would you rate the cleanliness of the hotel?
In your opinion, following your arrival, was the welcome at the hotel appropriate?
Was the staff courteous, polite, and catered to your needs?


How would you rate the quality of the food?
Were you satisfied with the variety of food on the menu?
Were you happy with the quality of the service?
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