Rocket Lab Prepares to Blast off in Mississippi

Jackson, Miss. (September 21, 2022) – U.S.-based Rocket Lab is locating an engine test facility for its new large rocket Neutron at NASA’s Stennis Space Center in Hancock County, making a significant capital investment and creating dozens of new jobs in Hancock County.

Rocket Lab is the launcher of Electron, the second most-frequently flown U.S. rocket, and is developing Neutron, its much larger, reusable rocket, to carry out national security missions and deliver multiple satellites to space. Rocket Lab has selected Stennis Space Center as the site of the test and development complex for Archimedes, its Neutron rocket engines.

The Archimedes Test Complex will be located within the A-3 Test Complex at Stennis Space Center and will include exclusive the use and development of existing industrial NASA infrastructure and the center’s A-3 Test Stand. Rocket Lab expects to begin construction of the Neutron Test Complex in the near future.

The Mississippi Development Authority is providing assistance for site development and equipment relocation and installation. Hancock County and Stennis Space Center also are assisting with the project.

Founded in 2006, Rocket Lab is an end-to-end space company with an established track record of mission success. Since its first orbital launch in January 2018, Rocket Lab’s Electron launch vehicle and has delivered 150 satellites to orbit for private- and public-sector organizations, enabling operations in national security, scientific research, space debris mitigation, Earth observation, climate monitoring and communications. Building on the achievements of Electron, Rocket Lab’s next-generation launch vehicle Neutron is designed for constellation deployment, cargo resupply and interplanetary missions. Rocket Lab also develops mission-ready spacecraft and satellite subsystems.

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