Cooperative Competes Grant Awarded for Economic Development in Coahoma County to the Crossroads Economic Partnership

Economic development efforts in Coahoma County are poised for success with a new brand name, tagline, and a recently awarded Cooperative Competes grant.

On December 14, the Clarksdale/Coahoma County Chamber of Commerce and its collaborative partner, the Economic Development Authority of Coahoma County, announced the new brand name, Crossroads Economic Partnership. The organization's name better reflects the outstanding cooperation of city and county governments, as well as regional, state, and federal partners, including Coahoma Electric Power Association.

The rebrand is best communicated through the new tagline “We’ve come together to make a new day,” which encompasses both preceding organizations and reflects the new ecosystem of leadership in the region. The collaborative marketing and new website are a result of strategic vision, months of execution, and funding support from partners like Coahoma Electric through the Cooperative Competes program.

“Coahoma Electric is a true community and economic development partner in our region,” said Jon Levingston, executive director of the Crossroads Economic Partnership. “They have long supported economic development efforts in Coahoma County, and their financial support in this marketing endeavor truly shows coming together to make a new day.”

The $25,000 Cooperative Competes grant will help offset the costs of the marketing strategy, rebranding, and website design of the economic development organization, as well as support future marketing efforts of the organization.

“We are glad to see the Crossroads Economic Partnership vigorously pursue economic growth,” said Keith Hurt, Coahoma Electric general manager. “Their investment in marketing is a testament to our region’s commitment to success, and better communicates our valuable partnerships to those outside of our region.”

“Coahoma Electric’s investment in our organization will allow us to compete globally to bring investments and jobs into our area,” said Levingston. “With a new name, tagline, website, and financial support from our partners, we are ready more than ever to welcome new partners to Clarksdale and Coahoma County.”

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