Leadership Mississippi Circle of 45

Dear Leadership Mississippi Alumni,

MEC's Leadership Mississippi, now at age 45, gains its strength from its program graduates--all 1,500 (and counting) of you! Leadership Mississippi boasts an impressive litany of alumni, including C-Suite executives, school board members, mayors, medical doctors, community advocates, legislators, statewide leaders and even a former state Governor and U.S. Senator!

In 2005, adversity struck the program as it came to a halt one year post-Hurricane Katrina. At that time, we believed we needed to leverage our resources to help rebuild our state during a time of need, so that became our focus--the people of our great state. During that time, we also positioned ourselves to rethink and redesign the brand, the reach and the impact of the program. Today, thirteen successful classes later, we are elated to give the positive report that the changes we made, thus far, have made a tremendous difference in the lives of our focal point--the people of our great state.

It is now 2020, and we face a different adversity, namely COVID-19. It is imperative that the Leadership Mississippi program alumni pull together and use its influence to bend the curve during this national health crisis. Many of your fellow alumni are already providing strong leadership through outreach and compassion. They are going above and beyond their call of duty to help their workers and their families, and communities at large, navigate this unprecedented and unpredictable crisis more efficiently.

That is why I am asking you today to continue your acts of outreach and compassion for Leadership Mississippi through your annual contribution. You can give your $100 annual contribution or special recognition anniversary contribution of $145* and any additional donation, great and small. To give now, click here! Your financial gift will help us continue to expand this program to better reach prospective participants - and to build more opportunities for you, our alumni, to engage and network and serve the community.

"Where do we go from here?" you may wonder. Your alumni engagement will determine the shape of things to come. With alumni like you, who have the heart to give and serve, the future is bright. No better time than now to join your fellow alumni in supporting the long-term viability of Leadership Mississippi.

We call upon you during this time to help provide assistance through membership, financial contribution, in-kind donation, volunteerism and a continued sense of pride. In return, it is our hope that you receive the reassurance knowing that you contribute to the continued growth and sustenance of the program you hold dear--a program that is truly making a difference in Mississippi's present and for Mississippi's future.

Together, we have faced adversity and together, undaunted by the fight, arise better than before!

If you have any questions or wish to further discuss your contribution options, please reach out to me at cnorthington@msmec.com.

For future updates about the impact of COVID-19 on chamber operations and events, keep an eye on Leadership Mississippi's website and MEC's coronavirus resource page.

*For the first 45 alumni contributors of $145 that give by April 30th (date extended due to COVID-19), your 45th Anniversary Contribution will be recognized as "The Circle of 45" and listed in our MEC Annual Report that circulates among our 10,000+ MEC members.

Again, thank you for your continued contribution to Leadership Mississippi.

We appreciate you!

Sincerely yours,

Cathy Northington
Chief Operating Officer
Mississippi Economic Council

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