VIP Luxury Seating Creating 100 jobs in New Albany Restart

Theater seating manufacturer VIP Luxury Seating is restarting operations in New Albany, creating 100 new jobs. The project is a $180,000 corporate investment at the site of the former VIP Cinema seating.

“The commitment by the VIP Luxury Seating team to the people of Union County is evident as they revamp operations and bring back so many jobs for the area’s workforce,” Gov. Tate Reeves said. “As a strong manufacturing state, VIP could not have chosen a better location to manufacture its luxury seating. Their expertise in this sector will benefit the local community, economy, and its workforce for years as it generates revenue and jobs – especially as local economies recover what has certainly been a challenging year for economic growth.”

VIP Cinema Seating was started in New Albany in 2012 with 30 employees and eventually grew to employ more than 500 workers. The original company was then sold to a private equity group, which subsequently filed for bankruptcy in February. The original founders, along with two additional investors, purchased the majority of the assets to rebuild the company and bring jobs back online in New Albany.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Governor, MDA, and Randy Kelley and his wonderful team at Three Rivers for their continued support of industry in Northeast Mississippi,” said VIP Luxury Seating Executive Chairman Stephen Simons. “It’s also appropriate to mention the incredible support Union County has provided VIP since the original company started in 2008. The true credit for the company’s success goes to the superior skilled workforce of Union County. They have been great partners and deserve much of the credit.”

“VIP Luxury Seating is a prime example of a homegrown Mississippi company that is truly dedicated to building a stronger community through job creation and investment. The company’s employees always have taken pride in quality craftsmanship, and I know its new employees will continue VIP’s legacy of crafting superior products,” said MDA Interim Executive Director John Rounsaville. “MDA appreciates the hard work of Randy Kelley and his team at Three Rivers Planning and Development District. Their efforts, along with those of MDA, are paying off for the people of New Albany with this exciting economic development victory.”

The Mississippi Development Authority is providing assistance for building improvements and to consolidate the company’s operations into one facility.

“On behalf of the Union County Board of Supervisors, we are pleased with Steve and his team’s decision to restart VIP’s operations,” said Union County Board of Supervisors President Randy Owen. “VIP has been a good employer and corporate citizen in our community, and we look forward to helping them thrive and grow in the future.”

“On behalf of the city of New Albany, thank you VIP Luxury Seating for your investment in our city,” said New Albany Mayor Tim Kent. “VIP’s original ownership didn’t have to make this purchase, but they care about the employees and this community. That’s the kind of business leadership that makes our community different and so special.”

VIP Luxury Seating is currently hiring for these new jobs.

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