MEC Statement on Passage of MS Ballot Measure 3

On November 3, 2020, Mississippians voted a resounding “YES” to adopt the “In God We Trust Flag” as the new State Flag of Mississippi. The Mississippi Economic Council (MEC) looks forward to our elected officials adhering to the Legislative directive and acting expeditiously to ratify these results as Mississippi voters overwhelmingly approved the “In God We Trust Flag” as a banner to represent all Mississippians.

For two decades, MEC has advocated for a new flag that represents our state as it exists today, to better define and represent our shared values, attributes, and beliefs.

MEC, together with diverse Mississippi business and industry sectors, the education community, and faith-based organizations, called upon the Legislature to set forth a path for change. A path involving public participation and transparency. A path for a new flag design that honors the past, embraces the future, and showcases Mississippi’s hospitality, resilience, hope, rebirth, valor, and creativity.

We very much appreciate the efforts of the Commission to Redesign the Mississippi Flag. We commend Commission members for their service and commend the resolve of our elected officials who opened a legislative matter to be voted upon by the public. This process and the “In God We Trust Flag” has sparked an unprecedented level of inclusivity.

Today, Mississippi has a new calling card – a flag that allows us to tell our story – as we work to recruit more and better jobs, increase expansions and entrepreneurship in our state, rebuff negative stereotypes, to retain and attract the best and brightest. We now look ahead to a brighter, more prosperous future, with our new Mississippi flag flying high and lighting the path ahead.

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