MDES Urges Claimants to Be Aware of Potential Fraud when filing Claims

In the midst of the global pandemic, a new threat has surfaced. There have been reports of scams occurring nationwide in regards to unemployment benefits. Claimants in Mississippi should be aware of potential fraud when filing for unemployment insurance benefits. The threat of potential scams aiming to steal personal information is real. The Mississippi Department of Employment Security (MDES) urges all claimants to only use the agency’s official website:

There is no fee for unemployment services. MDES does not solicit payments on social media and MDES employees are prohibited from using social media to assist claimants. If you or your employees are asked to pay a fee for these services, DO NOT PAY the fee and report this to MDES.

If you believe that your personal information has been compromised or you have received an alert that someone has filed unemployment using your information, please report it immediately to MDES.

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