MEMA Launches Mississippi Business Emergency Operations Center

The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency recently launched its virtual Mississippi Business Emergency Operations Center (MSBEOC). The website: will serve as a way for businesses that would like to contribute to the fight of COVID-19 or any natural disaster to register with the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency.

The MSBEOC provides disaster-specific communications from MEMA to registered members to coordinate private-sector businesses. It connects those who need resources with resource providers during response and recovery from an emergency or disaster event.

MSBEOC is open to any business or organization, there is no cost to join.

Purchases made through the MSBEOC will be on a case by case basis. Registering with the MSBEOC does not qualify your business as a vendor for the state of Mississippi.

This site is only in its beginning phase. In the next phases of the website, MEMA’s MSBEOC will be an exclusive source of information for businesses to chat with one another online during disasters. This communication will give business owners the ability to discuss their needs, who can help and how soon that help can arrive.

Multiple states across the country operate a business emergency operation center. MEMA will serve as the coordinating office to put those in need with the resources that are necessary in recovery.

For those who’d like to become a state vendor, visit:

If you’re already a vendor with the state of Mississippi and have supplies that could help with the COVID-19 fight or other disasters MEMA encourages you to register with our MSBEOC or email them at

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