MEC 2019 Legislative Wrap-Up

Governor Bryant Signs Mississippi Landowner Protection Act of 2019 Into Law

The 2019 session of the Mississippi Legislature was a relatively quiet one due to the upcoming statewide elections, as most legislators seemed focused on avoiding controversial issues.

One key victory was the Landowner Protection Act, secured by MEC working with other pro-business organizations and coalitions. Additionally, the Legislature addressed K-12 funding and a much-needed pay increase for teachers.

Special thanks to the Legislature for their efforts in recognizing the tireless work of Mississippi’s teachers and the continuing work needed to address the educational issues in our state.

Landowner Protection Act – 2019
Legislation designed to provide fairness to businesses when a third party commits a crime on said businesses’ property commits a crime. This act gives a jury the ability to apportion, or split, fault between the person committing the crime and the property owner if there is evidence the property owner bears responsibility.  The bill also clarifies the circumstances under which a business can be held liable for the criminal conduct of a third party.

Growing Mississippi’s Emerging Workforce – 2019
MEC worked to gain a $1 million appropriation that is available to high schools for providing the ACT WorkKeys assessment to career and technical students. MEC will continue to push for additional funding for all Mississippi high school students to have access to the assessments.

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