Support Storm Relief Efforts in Northeast Mississippi

Over the weekend, a powerful storm system moved through parts of Mississippi, causing a tornado to form in Lowndes County and damaging structures in Columbus.

If you wish to support those affected in Columbus and the surrounding area, please contact the United Way of Lowndes County at 662-370-8602.  Currently, they are seeking water, toiletries, hygiene items, and non-perishables.

A website was also created for consolidation of information regarding aid workers, donations, and victims of the tornado and storm needing assistance. The website is Individuals have also started using the hashtag, #onecolumbus, to show support.

The American Red Cross shelter is set up at the Townsend Community Center 826 15th Street South, contact John Brown the Ex Director of Red Cross (601) 596-8722 to help.

Donations of Non-Perishable Food, Hygiene Products, and Bottled Water are being collected by the United Way at 1605 Main Street, the Old Mayors office. Additional donations such as clothing, food, water, blankets, are being accepted by the Salvation Army at 602 14th Street North, Carter's Funeral Service.

United Way of Lowndes County

662-370-8600 - 662-370-8602 - 662-370-8603


For Information Regarding Flooding in Northeast MS and Other Areas:

Please contact the Red Cross of Northeast Mississippi for more information on how you can help.

Tupelo (Main Office)
4127 Westside Drive
Tupelo, MS 38801
Phone: (662) 842-6101

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