Your Annual Contribution Will Help Leadership Mississippi Thrive in 2017

Your Annual Contribution Will Help
Leadership Mississippi Thrive in 2017

Do You remember your Leadership Mississippi experience?

It is different for every single class going back to the very first in 1974, when Mississippi became the second state in the nation to launch a statewide Leadership program. The program has changed with the changing needs of Mississippi. In recent years, our classes began traveling the state, which provides a very valuable perspective to those in leadership roles in our communities. The program has grown in strength and stature. This year we had over 100 applications for only half as many slots.

Leadership Mississippi has become distinguished for many reasons – and the most important reason is your own personal involvement which has helped both sustain and make the program stronger. It is because of leaders like you that the program has the recognition it has gained over the last 40+ years. So just by participating, you have made a meaningful difference!

Ongoing Financial Support from Alumni Helps Build the Program

One way you can consider helping even more is by supporting the continued growth of Leadership Mississippi through an annual financial contribution. Your ongoing financial support will assure Leadership Mississippi’s ability to continue to offer quality programming – and to build new initiatives. In recent years we have invited alumni to attend our Leadership Mississippi events as we travel the state to provide ongoing engagement. We are now looking for ways to further engage the alumni in programmatic opportunities. Your tax-deductible contribution will help us turn ideas into reality. It’s for this reason I hope you will consider making a contribution at one of the levels suggested or whatever you can afford. It will be put to wise use and greatly appreciated.

Click Here to Make a Contribution to Leadership Mississippi

Volunteer Involvement Makes a Meaningful Difference

In addition to ongoing financial support, we also count on our alumni to help in planning our programming and hosting our classes in communities across Mississippi. Whether or not you contribute financially, there is always a need for volunteer involvement. Whether you can contribute financially or not, I hope you will take the opportunity to volunteer and attend one of our many alumni events throughout the year.

Over the years, Leadership Mississippi and our graduate leaders have gotten behind many important efforts, working to improve early childhood and K-12 education, to promote volunteerism, to support our troops with calling cards when war was declared in Iraq and to focus on expanding career-readiness among high school students, just to name a few.

What’s more, our graduates have gone on to become Mayors, state and federal Judges, State Legislators as well as State Treasurer, Secretary of State and Governor – and over 1,000 leaders like you are making a real difference in the future of Mississippi, in your companies and in your communities.

It is an honor and privilege having the opportunity to serve as director of MEC’s Leadership Mississippi program and to get to know our alumni from across Mississippi. MEC makes a significant financial commitment to the program every year, which along with registrations and sponsorships keeps the program going. Your alumni financial contribution will help us continue to grow our efforts and improve the program, and explore new ways for engaging our graduates.

Thank you for considering and best wishes for a great holiday season and a prosperous New Year.


Cathy Northington, IOM
Senior Vice President & Chief Administrative Officer
Director, Programs, Leadership & Diversity
Mississippi Economic Council

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