Canton Nissan North America Inspires Students

Nissan TMNissan Staff at Porter Middle School (left to right): Cory Barnes, Chris Gibbs, Linda Gordon, Pam Confer, Benny Nash and Jack Raymond. Nissan TM 2Nissan Staff at Nichols Middle School (left to right): Chris Gibbs, Tina Burton, Mattie May, Randall Adams and Jamey Jenkins.

Canton Nissan North America continues to inspire students at Porter and Nicholas Middle School in Canton. Nissan employees made classroom presentation to students at Porter and Nicholas Middle School in April and provided $500 Scholarships to 19 seniors earning the Mississippi Scholars designation.

Below are comments from the Student Evaluation Forms from Porter Middle School.

What did you learn?
“How to work harder and not just surviving with the little I have.”
“…Stay in school and not drop out.”
“I learned that school is important and it’s worth it.”
“I learned that when I have an engineering job. I make sure that I would come to work on time. When something break down make sure you tell your boss.”
“He taught me that hard work pays off and you have to work for what we want.”

What might you do differently now?
“I will work harder at school and start planning my future now.”
“Have a positive attendance at all time, work hard on school.”
“I would start picking my friends wisely. I also would keep good attendance and take tougher courses.” 
“Next year I really thought I was just going to slack up and take the easiest way out, but now I’m going to stay focused on my future.”

Special Thanks to Canton Nissan North America for continuing to inspire students to better their future.

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