Blueprint Mississippi Transportation Infrastructure Task Force



Below are links to PDF documents being provided as part of the research process. Some of these documents may be confidential and are for the use of the Blueprint Mississippi Transportation Infrastructure Task Force.

Blueprint Mississippi Transportation Infrastructure Task Force

Joe Sanderson, Jr., President/CEO, Sanderson Farms

Task Force Members
Jim Compton, General Manager/CEO, South Mississippi Electric Power Assocaition
Tommy Dulaney, President/CEO, Structural Steel Services
Haley Fisackerly, President/CEO, Entergy Mississippi
Walton Gresham, President/CEO, Greshman Petroleum Company
Ed Holland, President/CEO, Mississippi Power
Matt Holleman, President, Galaxie Corp.
Bill Lampton, President of Asphalt Division, Ergon, Inc.
Bill Sones, President/CEO, Bank of Brookhaven
Lex Taylor, President, Taylor Machine Works, Inc.
Martin Williams, Corinth Coca-Cola Bottling Works
William Yates, III, President/CEO, Yates Construction

Ex-Officio Members
Mark Leggett, President, Mississippi Poultry Association
Mike McCormick, President, Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation
Hal Miller, President, Mississippi Trucking Association
Jay Moon, President, Mississippi Manufacturing Association
Chip Morgan, Executive Vice President, Delta Council
Derrick Surrette, Executive Director, Mississippi Association of Supervisors
Shari Veazey, Executive Director, Mississippi Municipal League
Charlie Williams, Government Relations, Butler Snow
Blake Wilson, President, Mississippi Economic Council


The Research Outline for the Transportation Infrastructure Study will be used to determine long-term funding solutions in order to create and sustain a safe & efficient transportation system. There areas identified in the outline are: Need, Importance, Stakeholders, Understanding Priorities, Explore Funding Options, Create a System of Accountability .




Pennsylvania 2010 Transportation Study. This was the basis of Legislation passed in Pennsylvania in 2013 to increase funding for roads and bridges


Summary of Pennsylvania Legislation


North Carolina Study: Diversifying Revenues to Improve Commerce and Economic Prosperity. This study was funded by the North Carolina Chamber Foundation and Research was conducted by North Carolina State University’s Institute for Transportation Research and Education.


Mississippi Long-Range Transporation Plan Update Stakeholder Planning Meeting Presentation


University of Southern Mississippi Look, by county at bridges and pavement conditions. The maps on these documents detail by county the needs, percentage per county and the replacement cost of bridges per county. There are two links for this information.



Federal Highway Administration Bridge Inventory: Critical to Failed. Complied by MSU Stennis Instutue of Government


About Bridges in Mississippi – a detailed look at the types and conditions of bridges.Complied by MSU Stennis Instutue of Government


Ownership of Roads and Highways nationally to get a comparison for Mississippi. Complied by MSU Stennis Instutue of Government


A report from the NGA on how states traditionally fund transportation and some of the non-traditional funding methods. Provided by MSU Stennis Instutue of Government



Task Force Meeting held June 10, 2014


Task Force Meeting held August 27, 2014


Task Force Meeting held January 7, 2015




June, 10 2014

The following link provides a summary of state transportation funding From January through June 2014, a report from the State Chamber Policy Center, including an Issue Brief “Is the Gas Tax Dying? Alternatives to Fund Transportation Infrastructure” and a detailed look at one state’s successful funding program – Connecting Arkansas Program.


August 27, 2014

Initial Report from the University of Southern Mississippi Center for Logistics, Trade and Transportation. The document provides an executive summary and overview of the importanace and need for investment in transportation infrastructure.


Report from the 2014 National Workshop for State & Local Transportation Advocates. The workshop was held in July 2014 in Washington D.C. and 22 States were represented. The report focuses on the sessions held during the workshop, which highlighted both successful and unsuccessful campaigns to increase funding.


 January 7, 2015

PowerPoint Presentation outlining funding for the Mississippi Department of Transportation, as well as a breakdown of roadways and bridges maintained by MDOT. The presentation also included a look State Aid Funding and how those dollars are allocated.


Summary of meeting with State Aid officials held on Dec. 2. Provides and overview of how the program works and how funds are allocated.


A Look at What Other state’s are doing to increase reveneue for Infrastructure and how it is compares to options for Mississippi. The Brief overview prepared by MSU’s Stennis Institute of Government looks at 2014 initiatives.


A breakdown of Petroleum Tax Collections and a comparison of revenues in 2013 and 2014. This also includes a look at gallons used, showing a reduction of usage in 2014.


A look at 2013-2014 Comparable State Legislation – this is both legislation that has been enacted or listed as pending. This is legislation that could possibly be used in Mississippi – or a variation of this could be used in Mississippi.




Electronic Survey Results from Blueprint Mississippi Transportation Stakeholder Meeting on Jan. 8, 2015. During the meeting a series of question were asked to get feedback on key transportation issues.


A look at at county-by-county spending on road construction and maintenance based on tax millage rates. Report was written by MSU stennis to outline how counties are allowed to use property tax dollars collected and provide information on the portion that can be used for road and bridge construction and maintenance.


Transportation Investment Advocay Center January 2015 Report on State Transportation Funding Initiatives. The Transportation Investment Advocay Center provides monthly reports on activities throughout the U.S. on state funding initiatives.


Mississippi Department of Transportation Planning and Prioritization Powerpoint Presentation.


Mississippi Department of Transportation powerpoint presention “Transportation: The Driving Force of a Strong Economy.” Looks at funding and where the money is spend it transportation. It was prepared in June 2014.


A Snapshot of the Virginia Transportation funding plan.


A Breakdown of the Georgia Transportation Referendum. It outlines the regional approach, the issue and the problems associated with the process, which resulted in only three of nine regions approving the referendum.


Below is a link to a document produced by the Mississippi Department of Transportation entitled “Mississippi Transportation Infrastructure – A look at the State’s Roads and Bridges County by County.” A hard copy of this document was available to Task Force Members at both the June and August meetings. This was produced at the Request of Senate Transportation Chair Willie Simmons. The book, is a county-by-county reference manual that details the highway system and provides other information on maintenance and contruction.

TRIP Report – Mississippi Transportation By The Numbers: Meeting the State’s Need for Safe and Efficient Mobility. TRIP is a national Transportation Research Group.












































































































































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