Leadership Mississippi Holds Graduation for Class of 2014

Leadership Mississippi Holds Graduation for Class of 2014

lm 14 class graduation photo

Leadership Mississippi held its graduation for the Leadership Mississippi Class of 2014 at the Mississippi Museum of Art in Jackson. During the graduation, the Class heard remarks from Rebecca Wiggs, Chair of the M.B. Swayze Foundation (Leadership MS Class of 1994-1995); Major General Augustus Collins (Leadership Mississippi Class of 2012); Dr. Samuel Jones (Leadership Mississippi Class of 2010); and Gloria Johnson, Leadership Mississippi Chair (Leadership Mississippi Class of 1992). The Class of 2014 also elected three representatives from among their peers to talk about their experience over the past year – De’Kiether Stamps, Rebecca Mansell and Willie Woo.

Congratulations to the Leadership Mississippi Class of 2014!

Stan Alford
Nate Beach
Russell Bennett
Benard Booth
Robin Boyles
Charles Jerome Brown, II
Patrick S. Brown
Corrie W. Cockrell
Ashley Comstock
Penny Danford
Victoria Danish
Meta Danzey
Steve Davidson
Christen Hartley Duhé
Tod Etheredge
Derek J. Finley
Russell Gainspoletti
John S. Graham, Esq.
Charles Greer
LTC Rodney Harris
Cynthia Gray Hines
Susan Jacobs
Willie Jones
Eddie Kelly
Kellum Kim
Monica Lebron

Rebecca Mansell, JD
Justin Martin
Katrina McMillin, LMSW
Paula McNair, CPA
Mary Lacy Montgomery
Mary Ann Moon, CEcD
Sharon L. Oswald, PhD
Kerri Paul
Sherry Rainey
Brad Ray
Francine Thomas Reynolds
Rhonda Dean Rhodes
Doug Robertson
Jamie Paul Rogers
Lori W. Sanders
Kate Dennis Spear
Rick Spieker
De’Keither Stamps
Rebekah K. Staples
Alex Thomas
Wes Thomas
Jaclyn Turner
Josh Whelan
Farae Wolfe
William K. Woo
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