Healthcare Huddle Results

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Regional healthcare and business leaders joined Governor Phil Bryant at MHSI’s Healthcare Huddle meetings throughout the state to discuss Healthcare as an Economic Driver. Specifically, the conversation centered around the following questions:

  • How do we build and sustain Mississippi’s overall economic development competitiveness through healthcare?
  • How do we implement recommendations from Blueprint Mississippi’s study: Healthcare – An Economic Driver?
  • What strategic initiatives have already begun and what direction are we moving in?

Economic Development feedback was gathered at each location and the results can be viewed below. We look forward to continued discussion of how Healthcare can drive development in our state and, if implemented properly, can move Mississippi into the place of greatest opportunity.

 Click here for Gulfport Healthcare Huddle results.

Click here for William Carey Healthcare Huddle results.

Click Here for DeSoto County Healthcare Huddle results.

Click Here for Jackson Healthcare Huddle results.

Click Here for Tupelo Healthcare Huddle results.

Click Here for Combined Healthcare Huddle results.

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