Mississippi Scholars Tech Master

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Develop a program under the Mississippi Scholars umbrella to encourage students to pursue and perform well in a tech-prep course of study, recognizing their achievements at graduation, as the Mississippi Scholars program currently recognizes those who pursue a college-bound course of study, with a particular emphasis on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).


Use the Mississippi Scholars distribution channel and network to quickly ramp up the Mississippi Scholars Tech Master program. Curriculum – The Mississippi Department of Education Basic 21 Carnegie Unit Career Pathway Curriculum using 4 electives was used as the foundation for the curriculum along with feedback from the Tech Master Council to develop the requirements.


In 2014, 285 students from the seven pilot counties earned the distinction of Mississippi Scholars Tech Master graduate. There were 50 graduates from Bolivar County, 13 from Panola County, 29 from Union County, 61 from Madison County, 10 from Lincoln County, 19 from Jones County and 103 from Jackson County.


Mississippi Scholars Tech Master Counties

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