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Thank You To Our Volunteers


Those who can, do. Those who can do more, volunteer.
Author Unknown


MEC has always depended on a strong team of volunteers to assist with our  endeavors.  Our volunteers have consistently demonstrated professionalism, enthusiasm and thoughtfulness in making our events successful.

Special thanks go to the following Leadership Alumni and current Leadership Mississippi Class members for giving their support to perform a number of volunteer duties at MEC’s 64th Annual Meeting.

Dr. Julian Allen – University of Southern Mississippi – LM Class of 2007

Heather N. Brown – University of Southern Mississippi- LM Class of 2012

Pat Brown – Simpson Publishing Company- LM Class of 93-94

Tammy Cotton – Tpaige Consulting,LLC – Current Class

Josh Davis – Delta Health Alliance – LM Class of 2012

Kourtney Hollingsworth – MSU Extension Service – LM Class of 08-09

Mark McDonald – McDonald Pines – LM Class of 2012

Dodie McElmurray  -The University of Mississippi Health Care – LM Class of 10-11

Tonya Neely – Mississippi Development Authority – LM Class of 2012

Dr. Barbara Ousby – C & B Enterprise, Inc. –  LM Class of 2007

Dr. Sumesh Arora – Innovate Mississippi – LM Current Class

April J. May – Mississippi Building Blocks – LM Current Class

Juan McCullum – Mississippi Building Blocks – LM Class of 2012

Gregory Michel – Mississippi Army National Guard – Current Class

Stephanie Patton – The Leland Progress – Current Class

Dr. Kimberly R. Smith-Russ – Black Alliance for Educational Options – Current Class


These volunteers were instrumental in making our conference a great experience for everyone who attended.

Sincerely yours,

cathysig black

Cathy Northington

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